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At Priority, we take pride in the crucial role we play when companies are planning their rebrands. As we navigate our clients through multi-site projects, we are involved closely in their rebranding journey. 

  1. Design and Branding Consultation: Our experience and capabilities in design and branding enable us to provide consultation services to companies undergoing a rebrand. We are seasoned in offering insights into the logo design, color schemes, typography, and overall brand identity to ensure the signage aligns with the new brand image.
  2. Signage Concept Development: We take pride in our ability to collaborate with companies to develop concepts for their new signage. Prototyping, visual mock-ups, and renderings allow us to provide suggestions on the placement, color, materials, and styles that will effectively represent the rebranded image.
  3. Custom Sign Manufacturing: Once the concept is finalized, we are able to manufacture custom signs tailored to the company’s rebranding needs. Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to effectively produce a wide range of signage, including exterior building signs, indoor signage, vinyl applications, banners, and more.
  4. Installation and Maintenance: Through our project management team, we are able to handle the installation process, ensuring that appropriate permits are obtained and that the new signs are placed correctly and securely. We also provide maintenance and repair services to keep the signage in excellent condition throughout its lifespan.
  5. Signage for Various Locations: Through the Priority Encompass Network® we are able to manage projects for companies that have a global reach.  Companies with multiple branches or locations require consistent branding across all their sites and having a single supplier is an easy way to ensure brand consistency is maintained. We are able to coordinate the production and installation of signage for locations on a global scale, ensuring brand consistency and a unified rebranding effort.
  6. Project Management: Rebranding projects can be complex and require coordination with various stakeholders. We take pride in our Project Management team and their experience in executing large-scale, multinational projects. Priority provides clear direction through our project management team.  We oversee the entire signage process of the rebrand to ensure timely delivery and smooth implementation.

Overall, Priority’s wealth of experience can be a strong support for companies going through a rebrand. Our expertise, creative skills, and technical knowledge assist companies with their rebrands, ensuring that the signage accurately reflects the new brand identity and helps the company effectively communicate their message to their target audience.

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