The Evolution of the Modern Office

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As companies and employees adjust to a post-covid hybrid working model there are going to be new trends that will force them to adjust in the workplace. Not only in the amount of real estate companies own/lease but also in how that space is utilized

Companies like Google have used their office as a selling point in the past. Giving amenities and perks to their employees (laundry service, gyms, ping pong tables, bars, etc…)

Over the last three years, employees have become accustomed to a new normal and their behavioral patterns have changed. Companies are naturally going to begin to assess their real estate usage.

With this change, there will be a need to have employees get acquainted with the new office structure.

Interior signage/graphics can play an integral role in ensuring employees not only understand the office but also feel comfortable in new office settings.

With that being said, it’s important that companies choose vendors who are able to handle the fluid nature of the changing work environment. Companies should make sure that their vendors operate with the flexibility and agility to handle these projects as they get assigned.


Priority has established itself as a leader in the area of creating branded environments for our customers. A variety of elements can fall under the “branded environment” term. Priority creates turnkey and transformative branded environments that realize company personality through the integration of exterior signage, interior elements, and high-quality interior renovations. Our strength is tying these separate elements into a single program that minimizes business interruption and maximizes brand impact.

Whether in retail or the workplace, brands go much further than signage.  Priority has developed solutions for its clients to leverage our experience in program development to deliver turnkey deliverables of these unique items.

We pride ourselves in not being just a sign company. We design and implement holistic, physically immersive branding experiences, including fixtures, flooring, wayfinding, large format graphics, digital displays and other features of interior and exterior environments.

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