Global Rebrand:  Do’s and Don’ts

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It is always amazing to see some of America’s most notable brands abroad, specifically the consistency in look and feel. Global brands such as Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, and McDonalds are instantly recognizable whether you are in Milwaukee or Moscow. Brand recognition translates to trust and consumer confidence in both product and experience. These are all critical components to maximizing loyalty AND revenue.    

Executing global rebrands is not an easy endeavor. Obstacles in local building regulations, varying vendor quality, supply chain issues, and language barriers all can wreak havoc on building a consistent global presence. There are several keys, however, that can make this challenge surmountable:


  • Implement through isolated regional markets. Each market will interpret the design differently.
  • Leave regional leads out. This is of further importance in acquisition to create and keep a team brand awareness culture.
  • Create a one size fits all design. One size never fits all.
  • Don’t directly translate taglines or DBA’s. Some direct translations may not be the message you are trying to relay.


  • Create global brand guidelines and ensure these are accessible to your team.
  • Onboard a turnkey global brand implementation firm. These firms can consult with your regional teams and review projects to ensure brand consistency.
  • Engage your internal local leads. Encourage brand importance through collaboration. A global brand should translate into a global team.
  • Create a design that fits a global landscape across your portfolio. What may be a popular design, color, or material in one area of the world may have an opposite effect or impact on another.
  • Correct non-compliant items. Encourage brand importance.
  • Find a centralized and turnkey source for production and execution management to further ensure consistency and brand compliance.

The ultimate key to success of a global brand is to take a global approach. Embrace your team, your culture, and your environment to evangelize your brand. Taking these steps will not only enhance your brand awareness for your target audience but also encourage internal teams to champion your brand along the way.

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