Pros and Cons: Brand Refresh vs Brand Overhaul

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There is a reason so many ‘Fixer Upper’ shows are popular these days. They demonstrate to us that with different levels of some good old fashioned “TLC”, we can create & reinvent spaces to become more engaging, inviting, and accommodating for almost everyone and everything.

The primary question for most rehabs is: “Do we gut it and start with a blank slate or does it just need some aesthetic touch ups and decor?” This question is also highly applicable to the world of Commercial branding. Retailers, restaurants, hospitality, corporate, and financial clients are always trying to gauge the best solution, whether to start from scratch or make some incremental improvements to existing spaces.

Weighing the pros and cons of each scenario is critical to determining how to invest precious resources wisely and understanding the lasting impact on your brand.  

Brand Refresh:

  • Involves minimal market/3rd party research
  • Incremental changes to “freshen up” your brand.  Think cosmetic. Done consistently, this can lead to never needing a complete overhaul as you are working steadily to stay engaged with customers, trends, and current marketplace.
  • Focus on what the refresh needs to achieve to align with internal goals. Is your target audience not connecting? Are you inconsistent with your image & message across your portfolio? Are you expanding into new areas and your image no longer fits your purpose?
  • Typical timeline: 5-6 months

Brand Overhaul:

  • EVERYTHING needs to be re-tooled & re-thought. Think complete repositioning in the marketplace.
  • Great for when there is a merger or the company wants to redefine every aspect of itself.
  • Extensive strategic planning & market research 
  • Have your incremental changes led to brand confusion and started competing against one another? Start with a brand audit to understand perception & how to move forward.
  • Typical timeline: 8-12 months

Consulting a branded environment company can be useful in your decision making process, helping to apply this rubric to your particular needs.

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